Bromsgrove – Happy 3rd Birthday!

What a fun filled afternoon with lots of festive messy and creative activities.

Bromsgrove – Toddlers Meet Beat Baby!

We have recently introduced Beat Baby to the Toddlers at Bromsgrove!

Bromsgrove – Remembrance Day 2019

Yesterday Pre-school participated in a 2 minute silence to remember the fallen soldiers.

Bromsgrove – Pre-Toddler Halloween Stay & Play 2019

What freaky fun we had at our Pre-toddler stay & play last week!

Bromsgrove – Exploring Autumn

The season has changed and Pre-school have noticed that the colours of the trees have changed and the…

Bromsgrove – Pre-School Celebrate Diwali

Pre-School have been learning about Diwali, the festival of light.

Bromsgrove – Babies Celebrate Diwali

We have celebrated Diwali in the Baby room this week.

Bromsgrove – Babies Sensory Play

Bromsgrove Babies have been exploring sensory bags.

Bromsgrove – Toddlers Exploring Textures

Lots of different textures have been explored by the Toddlers over the last few weeks.

Bromsgrove – Lending Library

At Bromsgrove we have just introduced a lending library for our families.