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Settling in

Settling in is a very important part of starting nursery and for this reason there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

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At Shooting Stars we understand that starting nursery or moving from another setting can sometimes be an unsettling time for young children and parents alike. We therefore offer a bespoke, gentle and sensitive settling in programme for your child, usually consisting of at least three complimentary visits that are prearranged during the month before your child’s official start date with us.

On the first visit we encourage you to join your child in their base room to give them reassurance when they meet their Key Person and the other children for the first time. On the second visit we encourage you to step out of the room to enable your child to explore their new environment and resources independently. As we understand this can be difficult for some parents, you will be able to view your child’s settling session on the CCTV screen for reassurance. During your third visit we encourage you to step off site and prepare yourself for your child’s first ‘proper’ session with us. We offer full support during this transitional time and we hope that joining us at Shooting Stars will be a positive and exciting experience for you and your child. If your child requires additional time to settle, this will be discussed and arranged with you.

At your settling in sessions, we will ask you to complete additional paperwork to help us to support your child and keep them happy, healthy and safe at nursery. This includes allergy and medical information, information about home routines etc.

Room transitions

As your child grows and develops, we will assess the most appropriate stage for them to transition to the next room within nursery. The process is quite similar to that of settling in, as we gradually introduce the children to the new room, staff and children. For many children, a room transition is full of excitement but we understand that for some children it can be an unsettling time.

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We work together with parents and the staff from both the current and new room to plan and provide a transition that supports each child as an individual. Making a room transition with a small group of friends often works best for children. We will keep you updated throughout the transition, and invite you to meet with your child’s current and new keyworker to ensure continuity of care throughout the transitional period and beyond.

Parent partnership

Working in partnership with parents/carers is central to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and at Shooting Stars we agree that the needs of each child as an individual are best met when parents and practitioners work together and communicate effectively.

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A working in partnership meeting is a valuable opportunity for parents and nursery practitioners to consult together about children’s early experiences. This helps practitioners plan for effective learning at the setting, and helps them support parents in continuing their children’s learning development at home. All contributions from parents/carers are encouraged and welcomed.

Starting nursery or moving from one room to the next is an exciting time, but can also be a challenging and anxious time for both children and their parents/carers. We are committed to putting the needs of the child first whilst working with each other and parents/carers to make transitions as smooth as possible for all. We feel that it is important that this is planned and carried out in a way that meets the needs of each individual child. Working in partnership meetings allow proper introductions to be made and effective, focused communications to be made.

During a room transition, your child’s current key person will formally introduce the new key person along with the rest of the new room staff team. We enjoy giving parents a tour around their child’s new room and discussing the different learning environments and experiences your child will have. This we hope gives parents a more in-depth understanding of what a child’s daily routine will be like.

Your child’s key person will also invite you to join them for a working in partnership meeting each term when they complete your child’s development summary to keep you updated on your child’s progress. In between these intervals if you feel you would benefit from catching up with your child’s key person please contact them to arrange a working in partnership meeting.

If you have yet not booked a working in partnership meeting with your child’s key person, please speak to the nursery manager to arrange one.

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