The toddler

The toddler’s are so creative & artistic, discovering the marks their hands and fingers create in the paint.

As you can see it got very messy! Looking at the paints we had chosen, we were able to identify the colours used and also recognise that the colour changes to purple when its all mixed together. Using our hands and brushes, we made all sorts of shapes in the in the paint, circles, wiggly lines and swirls. Then imitating star actions in the paint, we sang along to “Twinkle little star” and “The wheels on the bus” moving out hands round to look like the wheels going round and round. It was lots of fun and very messy!

EYFS Links

Physical Development: Moving and Handling, 16-26 months – Makes connections between the movement and marks they make, 22-36months – Imitates simple shapes such as circles and lines, 8-20months- Enjoys the sensory experience of making marks in paint.

Expressive arts and design: Exploring and using media and materials, 30-50 months- Explores colours and how they are changed.