The children have been helping plant flowers in our fantstic newly revamped garden!

Planting in the garden

The children today have been helping to plant some flowers in our newly revamped garden. We talked about the flowers, what they would look like and how big they would grow. The children tried smelling the plants, they couldn’t smell anything but said it tickled their noses. One of the children asked if it was a dandelion, as she loves dandelions!! We thought and talked about what the plants would need to grow bigger, sunshine and water and they helped to make small holes for the plants using a fork and little trowel. The children will be tending to these plants and watering them regularly and hopefully they will grow into beautiful colourful plants.


Links to EYFS

Understanding of the world: The world:

Comments and asks questions about aspects of their familiar world, such as places where they live or the natural world. 30 -50 months
Shows care and concern for living things 30 -50 months

Communication :Speaking; Uses language as a powerful means of widening contacts, sharing feelings, experiences and thoughts 22-36 months