Its been such a busy week in our bubble, with lots of fun joining in with all sorts of different activities!

The children in Pre-school 2 have been fascinated by the recent wet weather and enjoyed going outside to play in the rain last week.

The children were so excited to play outside in the rain but firstly we made sure that the children had on their wellies and suitable outdoor clothes. Once ready we headed out to the garden. We did lots of puddle jumping, splashing the muddy water up in the air and explored mark making in the mud. After all the fun we went back indoors to dry off, the children found it hilarious when they removed their wellies and they were full of water!

We also heard some very loud noises and flashes of light outside, so we talked to Pre-school about thunder and lightning and how the thunder noises are made. It rained and rained and the children were surprised how quickly the garden filled with water and then how quickly it disappeared when the rain stopped, they asked where it went when it started to disperse.


Next steps – To discuss weather and the seasons.


EYFS Links

Understanding the world: The World

Comments and asks questions about aspects of their familiar world, such as the place where they live or the natural world     30-50 months

Can talk about some of the things they have observed, such as plants animals natural and found objects      30 -50 months


Literacy: Writing

Some times give meanings to marks as they draw and paint     30 -50 months

Gives meanings to marks  as they draw write and paint           40 -60 months