What Is it? Not just a cardboard box.... it

What is it? Not just a cardboard box…. it’s a boat, a car, or anything your imagination wants it to be!

Hinckley toddlers have been exploring what they can create from a simple cardboard box. They painted it their favourite colours, used crayons to create all sorts of different marks and got sticky using glue and other materials. Wow…the toddlers were so pleased with how fantastic their cardboard box looked now!

Inspired by some favourite rhymes and songs, next they climbed into the box. Pretending they were on the sea, rocking it singing “row, row, row your boat! and then playing grown up driving down the road saying, “Brum, brum, beep, beep, toot, toot -I’m driving in my car!”

We had so much of fun and it all just started with a box!

EYFS Links

Personal social and emotional, development : Self confidence and self awareness, 16-26 months – Gradually able to engage in pretend play.

Expressive arts and design: Being imaginative, 16-26 months – Pretending one object represents another.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development : Making relationships, 16-26 months – Plays alongside one another.

Communication and Language: Listening and attention, 16-26 Months – Enjoys rhymes and demonstrates listening by trying to join in with actions or vocalisations.