Christmas fun at Hinckley

The Toddlers are getting very excited for Christmas! We have already started creating Christmas things to take home to our families and exploring Christmas activities.
This week we have started to make salt-dough decorations. We tipped all the ingredients into a big bowl and mixed it all together. It became very messy and sticky and we got flour everywhere, but we really loved feeling the different textures.

When it was all mixed together, we used the rolling pins to squash it out and make it flat. We had to push really hard to roll it out which was tricky! We then selected our favourite cutter shape – most children selected stars or circles however some children chose other tools to make their own shape. We then pushed down hard on the cutters into the dough and it made our very own shape. An adult then used a pencil to create a hole in the dough ready for the children to select and attach their ribbon so it can be hung on their tree at home!

We then spoke to the children about how we had to put them in the oven for a little while; this would make the decorations hard so we could then paint them. The children used their paint brushes and fingers to paint the decorations mixing and using a variety of different colours, and topped them with glitter afterwards too. Ribbon was then attached and our decorations were ready to go home!

The process of creating these decorations was such a wonderful experience for the children, and they are so proud of their creations. They will make a fabulous addition to their family trees this Christmas.