Shooting Stars Nurseries are proud to use NurseryCam software in our settings. We firmly believe it helps to develop a stronger trust relationship between parents and staff, and helps us to maintain the highest standards in the care we provide.

NurseryCam is a secure parental CCTV facility which allows parents to view live video images of their children at nursery securely over the Internet. The images captured by unobtrusive digital video cameras in each room are converted by a video server and transmitted over a secure high speed internet connection, where they can be accessed by the authorised user (the parent).

Our lawful basis for use of CCTV under the GDPR is our legitimate interests, being the safety, health and welfare of the children and the effective running, management and security of the nursery.

Further information about NurseryCam

Our NurseryCam information sheet is available to download here which contains more information about our controls, NurseryCam security features and how to set up parental access (which is only possible once your child had started with us).

If you would like to discuss NurseryCam further, please do not hesitate to contact the nursery manager for reassurance. We will be pleased to take you through how it works within the nursery and can also provide assistance with setting up your account.

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