The whole nursery celebrated Bonfire night with a bang!


The baby room have enjoyed exploring their senses by creating fireworks using a range of paints and a toilet roll holder. They used their fingers to finger paint and create different shapes.

Pre-School 2:

We had a very exciting time celebrating Bonfire night with all our friends in Pre-School 2! During circle time, we had discussions about how to keep safe on Bonfire Night and the importance of listening to adults when near fire and fireworks. The children enjoyed exploring in our Bonfire sensory tray, using their construction skills to create their own bonfire, and their fingers to create firework shapes within the sand and glitter. This encouraged the children to talk about their past experiences of celebrating Bonfire night. As a group, we laid down a large piece of paper across the floor, and the children dipped their hands in different coloured paints to make a group bonfire painting using their handprints. We also watched a clip of a firework display and discussed about what they could see and hear. At the end of the day, we had an outdoor disco, where the children explored their senses with sparklers, toasting marshmallows, hot chocolate and dancing with their friends in the garden!