Babies, Preschool One, and Preschool Two

Using clay and natural resources we found around the garden, Preschool One enjoyed creating magical sculptures using sticks, stones and leaves. The children used a range of different words to describe what they could feel and see as they moulded their clay and explored their natural treasures. During the autumn season we will be undertaking observations on the changes in nature such as the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees and the changes in weather.



Pre-School 2 love being outdoors, so we decided to go on a nature walk and collect natural materials and investigate changes in the environment. Then the children decided they wanted to make pictures and prints using the materials they had collected so they could compare the different patterns on the leaves. We have also been working hard on our literacy development, by generating conversations about the stories we share. The children enjoyed story sequencing ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and re-enacting ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ in the garden. Pre-School 2 is also getting ready for our Halloween week next week, and we have already started decorating our room with lots of spooky crafts!




The babies have also been exploring autumn through crafts and exploring our autumn sensory basket. We have been using our hands, rollers and paint brushes to create patterns on paper. The babies loved using their hands in large and small movements to mix all the different coloured paint together. Our sensory basket contains themed items of various textures and colours and the babies touched, held and observed each natural item. The babies especially enjoyed the mini pumpkin in the basket!