The Halloween fairy wrote the children a letter asking them to do a very special job

All of the children have been getting ready for Halloween, joining in with our fun preparations and activities. In Pre-School one the children received a letter from the Halloween fairy, asking all the children to plant some special seeds, to grow magical pumpkins. In Pre-school two the children have been planting the magical seeds in our vegetable patch, making sure they dusted the ground with special glitter to help them grow faster. Some other children made a special leaf garland to help the pumpkins grow with special powers. The Toddlers then found the magical pumpkins and explored them, dusting their fingers over the pumpkins which had fairy dust glitter on. All the children spoke about Halloween and about how the fairies helped the magical pumpkins to grow for us to carve ready for a Halloween party to celebrate through the whole nursery!

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Being imaginative: Beginning to make-believe by pretending (22-36m) / Engages in imaginative role-play based on own first-hand experiences (30-50m)