Last week we took a little adventure to the care home

Last week, some of the Toddlers went on a little adventure to the Residential care home. Leading up to the visit, we have been talking about where we are going and who we were going to see. We said we were going to see the nannies and the grandads.
We showed the children what they needed to wear including; wrist straps and high Vis jackets and explained why we had to wear them. Before we embarked on our adventure we listened to a new song about crossing the road called “Stop, look and listen”, with hedgehogs dancing and teaching us how to cross the road safely. One child said “We have to listen, it is very dangerous, and we don’t run”.

We put on our coats and scarves then set off on our journey. We all listened well to the adults, holding their hands and walking on the pavements. When we came to the road one child said “Stop!” Looking both ways, the children decided when it was safe to cross, when there were no cars coming in either direction.
(Communication and language: Listening and attention: 22-36months: Recognises and responds to familiar sounds)
(Physical development: Health and self-care: 22-36months: Beginning to recognise danger and seeks support of significant adults for help)

On arrival at the Residential care home, we had a lovely reception, everyone waving and saying hello to us, greeting us at the door. One child asked “Where are all the grandads?” The carer led us into a big room and we met some of the residents, we learnt their names and said “Hello” to them all and introduced ourselves to them. One child then started singing baby shark whilst another started to recite the Gruffalo story in the middle of the room to the residents. The residents couldn’t believe how confident the children were!
(Expressive arts and design: Media and materials: 30-50month: Sings a few familiar songs)
(Literacy: Reading: Joins in with repeated refrains and anticipates key events and phrases in rhymes and stories.)

After meeting all of the residents, we went into the dining room with big chairs and a big table. We sat nicely and had a biscuit and drink of water for snack. One of the residents came to join us and told us we were eating her favourite biscuits. The children thanked the lady for sharing her biscuits with us.
After snack, Lyndsey set up a variety of activities for us to engage in with the residents. We had books, play dough, drawing and sticking.
Some of the children enjoyed reading stories with the residents pointing to the different animals in the stories. Other children enjoyed playing with the play dough, sharing the play dough with the residents and asking them to feel the texture of the play dough and make shapes. Whilst others used the collage materials labelling the colours and talking about their favourite colours with some of the residents. We made some collage pictures and decided we wanted to give them to the residents for them to keep.
(Expressive arts and design: Media and materials: 22-36months: Experiments with blocks, colours and marks.)
(Expressive arts and design: Media and materials: 30-50months:Beginning to be interested in and describe the texture of things)
(Literacy: Reading: 30-50months: Handles books carefully & Looks at books independently.)
(Personal, social and emotional development: Making relationships: 30-50months: Seeks out others to share experiences.)
Once we had finished our activities and it was time to leave the children all waved goodbye to the residents and told them we had brought some cakes for them to enjoy.

We had so much fun playing with the nannies and grandads in the residential home, we hope to see them again soon!