The lockdown potatoes at Wolverhampton have finally grown!
After months of love, attention and watering, the Wolverhampton lockdown potatoes have finally grown!
Today the Pretoddlers had a lovely surprise as they dug into the ground and pulled up lots of potatoes of different sizes! They were covered in mud so the children decided to scrub them really well until they were clean. We carefully counted them and decided we had enough to cook for us to eat!
We think they tasted so good, because we grew them ourselves
What shall we grow next?
EYFS links:
Understanding the world: The world: 16-26 months
• Explores objects by linking together different approaches: shaking, hitting, looking, feeling, tasting, mouthing, pulling, turning and poking.
Physical development: Moving and handling: 22-36 months
• Shows control in holding and using jugs to pour, hammers, books and mark-making tools.
Communication and language: Speaking: 16-26 months
• Copies familiar expressions, e.g. ‘Oh dear’, ‘All gone’, ‘mmmm’, ‘yum’