The toddlers have been exploring all kinds of different vegetables.
The toddlers have been exploring vegetables of all different shapes, sizes, colours and textures! They have been chopping them up carefully to look inside, feeling their textures, printing with them and drawing them. We’ve also talked about trying new vegetables and which vegetables are our favourites!
EYFS links (22-36 months)
Self-confidence and self-awareness; Expresses own preferences and interests.Expresses own preferences and interests.
Understanding; Developing understanding of simple concepts
Moving and handling; Shows control in holding and using jugs to pour, hammers, books and mark-making tools / Beginning to use three fingers (tripod grip) to hold writing tools
Writing; Distinguishes between the different marks they make.
Shape, space and measure; Beginning to categorise objects according to properties such as shape or size / Begins to use the language of size.
The world; Notices detailed features of objects in their environment.