eyLog – Bringing your child’s learning journey to life

What is eyLog?

eyLog is an integrated online and mobile application for childcare providers to easily capture observations and securely manage the learning journey of each child in an electronic format.  These observations from staff members are then uploaded to a secure web-based learning journey to which you as a parent would also have access.  We invite you to access your child’s online learning journey regularly and to contribute to it with your own observations at home too.

eyLog has helped to bring the learning journey to life and enable staff to be more efficient in recording and tracking observations, and sharing progress with parents. eyLog has transformed the process of recording observations and creating each child’s learning journey, drastically reducing the time spent on capturing and maintaining observations manually.  This enables our childcare practitioners to focus fully on providing the best care and early years education for your child, which is the ultimate aim of Shooting Stars Nurseries and parents.

eyLog has proven hugely beneficial for us as a childcare provider, giving us a full overview of each learning journey at the touch of a button, and enabling us to monitor and plan for the progress of each child in our care much more analytically.

A fully secure solution

eyLog is a secure web and mobile solution.  Nursery Managers, practitioners and parents can only access eyLog using their unique login credentials. EyLog web and mobile applications are protected by SSL certificates using the https protocol, with all data being encrypted and transmitted. EyLog tablet devices are specially locked to prevent any misuse of the data captured within a nursery setting.  eyLog servers are hosted in secure data centres in the UK with timely backups.

Further information and FAQs can be found at https://eylog.co.uk/support/faq/

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What are the benefits of eyLog?

eyLog enables practitioners to move away from the restrictions of a paper based learning journey and create richer observations by incorporating photos, videos and audio clips. This helps to create a more comprehensive learning journey that is kept up to date.

You will be able to contribute towards your child’s learning journey at home by adding in your own observations and photos of things your child has been doing away from nursery.  This aspect of eyLog makes the learning journey even more comprehensive by enabling a multifaceted view of your child’s development through their early years.  We also invite you to add information to the ‘my world’ section of your child’s ‘all about me’ record.  This will be reviewed with you by your child’s key person each time you attend a ‘working in partnership’ meeting.

eyLog offers a close integration between early years observations and EYFS assessments, and eliminates the need to make manual links.  This reduces the time and effort involved in ‘paperwork’ such as taking observations and linking EYFS assessments to learning goals.  This allows childcare practitioners to bring the focus back to providing a stimulating experience for the children in their care.

We are now able to keep track of the breadth and depth of information we are recording about what and how children are learning with greater efficiency.  In turn we use this to identify each child’s next steps and areas where additional support if needed much more astutely.  This means that each observation recorded and analysis made is far more valuable as we are able to use the information more effectively.

Sharing a child’s observations and learning journey with parents increases their involvement in the activities at the nursery.  Parents can login and access the learning journey at the click of a button and be able to view the observations recorded at the nursery as soon as they become part of the learning journey.  eyLog also makes it possible for parents to contribute their own observations at home, enabling a fuller picture of the child’s development.

The technology also supports a daily record, especially for our younger children, of food, milk, and nappy changes.  By logging these as they occur, we can ensure that up-to-date information is always available to parents.  This will also free up staff to talk to you more about your child’s day at hand-over and enable us to shift some of the focus from passing on the details of basic care routines.

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