A typical day at Shooting Stars

Daily Routine

Children feel settled and thrive in an environment that is familiar and secure, and an important aspect of creating this feeling is the familiarity of a daily routine. A day at Shooting Stars flows from 7:30am until 6pm with a blend of child-led exploration and adult-guided learning. The structure of the day includes in-built flexibility to allow children to become absorbed and fully immersed in their explorations, investigations and play.  Instead of punctuating the day by diverting their attention to the next planned activity, each child has the freedom to continue to access the fullness of the provision unimpeded until their focus naturally moves in another direction. Click below to view a typical daily routine.


NurseryCam is a secure parental CCTV facility which allows parents to view an encrypted live video feed of their child at nursery for up to 15 minutes per day. We invite you to login to NurseryCam here at any time to gain an insight into your child’s day, helping to put your mind at ease.

We are proud to use NurseryCam software in all Shooting Stars settings. We firmly believe it helps to develop a stronger trust relationship between parents and staff, and helps us to maintain the highest standards in the care we provide.

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