Stourbridge – Making Yummy Pizzas!

This week we really enjoyed making our own pizzas!

Stourbridge – A Lovely Surprise!

😊🍫💐Today at Stourbridge we had a lovely surprise delivery!

Wolverhampton – Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom!

Wolverhampton are joining Captain Tom’s birthday celebrations with a party, baking birthday cakes, dancing…

Hinckley – Making Shortbread Biscuits, Yum, Yum!

Hinckley loved making their own biscuits for pudding!

Wolverhampton – Potato Peeling!

To continue on from our potato planting, we have started exploring different potatoes by peeling them…

Gloucester – Textured Play

We have had great fun discovering lots of different textures through play!

Wolverhampton – A Big Thank you!

A big thank you for the lovely gift we received today!

Wolverhampton – Happy St George’s Day!

We have celebrating St Georges day with a beach themed garden party!