Gloucester – Children In Need 2019

A huge thank you to everyone involved and all the generous donations received during our week of Children…

Gloucester – Time For Tea!

Today Toddler 1 have been making tea using their china tea pots and cups!

Gloucester – Children In Need Activities 2019

A quick reminder of all the fantastic Children In Need activities starting tomorrow and continuing next…

Gloucester – Pre-School Creative Building

Gloucester Pre-school have been looking at photos of different buildings and structures, then using the…

Gloucester – What Can You Hear Toddlers?

Gloucester Toddlers have been exploring with natural resources, looking at and feeling all different…

Gloucester – Pre-School Making Instruments

Today Pre-school have been singing their hearts out and building cogs, Mobilo and stickle bricks into…

Gloucester – Happy Halloween!

We have been having lots of freaky Halloween fun at Gloucester today!

Gloucester – Creative Pumpkin Carving in Pre-School

Creepy pumpkin carvings are being created by Pre-school today!

Gloucester – Pre-Toddlers Halloween Party!

The Pre-toddlers are having freaky fun at their spooktacular Halloween party!