Hinckley – Toddlers On A Bug Hunt

We have been using all our senses to explore the bug tray, moving the sand around with our hands as well…

Hinckley – Tingling Taste Buds!

The Babies at Hinckley enjoyed tasting lots of different fruit.

Hinckley – Pre-School Identifying Letters & Names

The children have started to be curious about letters, so this week we have begun to look at and identify…

Hinckley – Pre-School 1 Light Up Numbers!

Exploring numbers on the light board!

Hinckley – Exploring Shapes In Pre-School

Pre-school have recently been exploring shapes!

Hinckley – Babies Winter Mark Making

In the Baby room we have been using our white board pens to make marks on the shiny foil.

Hinckley – Babies Glittery Water Play

Today the Babies have been exploring the very glittery water and getting messy!

Hinckley – Toddlers Large Scale Mark Making

The Toddlers have been doing some large scale mark making, creating different marks by using our hands…

Hinckley – Babies & Toddlers Christmas Trip 2019

Last week the Babies & Toddlers went on their Christmas trip at the local library.

Hinckley – Babies Sensory Winter Wonderland

The Babies have really enjoyed all the winter wonderland activities.