Worcester – Chinese New Year

This week all of the children are really enjoying Chinese new year celebrations!

Hinckley – Toddlers On A Bug Hunt

We have been using all our senses to explore the bug tray, moving the sand around with our hands as well…

Hinckley – Tingling Taste Buds!

The Babies at Hinckley enjoyed tasting lots of different fruit.

Stourbridge – Pre-School Sandwich Shop

Pre-School 2 have been showing an interest in making and preparing food, so we have turned our role play…

Worcester – Storytelling Week In Pre-School

This week in Worcester Pre-school we have really enjoyed celebrating story telling week, all of the children…

Kings Norton – Toddlers Exploring Maths

This week the Toddlers are exploring maths, looking at numbers and shapes in different ways.

Kings Norton – Pre-Toddlers Fun With Numbers & Colours

This weeks activities in Pre-toddlers originated from their interest in The Hungry Caterpillar story…

Kings Norton – Under The Sea!

Kings Norton Babies have been exploring the theme, ‘Under the Sea’, through sand and water play.

Hinckley – Pre-School Identifying Letters & Names

The children have started to be curious about letters, so this week we have begun to look at and identify…

Kings Norton – Let’s Get Moving!

This month Pre – School are focusing on movement and physical activity.