Worcester – Preschool Sign of the Week

The children have learnt a new sign for ‘Help’

Kings Norton – Heads, shoulders, knees and toes

The babies have been finding and identifying parts of the body

Worcester – Downward dog!

The Preschool children have taken part in a fun themed yoga session to boost their wellbeing

Stourbridge – Water play

The babies have been enjoying water play and all its benefits

Stourbridge – We’re going on a bug hunt

Preschool 1 have been investigating their environment

Kings Norton – Making friends

We have been making lots of new friends in Preschool

Stourbridge – New Year party

Each room hosted a party to celebrate the New Year

Kings Norton – I Spy with my little eye

The toddlers have been busy exploring shapes, colours and animals

Kings Norton – Pretoddler Winter Week

The weather is still very cold so we’ve enjoyed a Winter Week