Kings Norton – Strawberry Flapjacks, Yummy!

The babies had a fantastic time helping to create strawberry flapjacks

Kings Norton – Toddlers Get Creative & Explore Art

The toddlers have been very inquisitive, exploring all different types of creative materials and met…

Kings Norton – Pre-Toddlers Story Time

The children in Pre-Toddler room have been enjoying fairy tales including ‘The Elves and The Shoemak…

Kings Norton – Pre-School ‘If you’re happy and you know it, shout WE ARE!’

Over the past Month Pre – school have focused on emotion, families, differences and similarities.

Kings Norton – Open Day and Macmillan Coffee Morning


All settings – Bank holiday closure

Just to remind all families that we are closed on Monday for the bank holiday

Kings Norton – Pretoddlers challenge their physical skills

Pre – Toddlers have been enjoying the nice sunny weather in the garden, challenging their physical…

Kings Norton – Preschool Science week

Over the past two weeks Pre-school have been focusing on Science and colour

Kings Norton – Babies explore sensory balls

The babies at Kings Norton have been exploring how to roll the sensory balls