Stourbridge – Pre-School 2 Focus On Similarities & Differences

Its been an exciting week in Pre-school 2 as we’ve had some new toys to investigate!

Worcester – Pre-School Investigate The Playdough Station

Within Worcester Pre-school we are always thinking about and looking for ways to provoke & stimulate…

Stourbridge – Toddlers Outdoor Mark Making

Outside in the garden the Toddlers have been exploring mark making and colour mixing using paint brushes,…

Kings Norton – Stay Safe, Be Safe – Pre-School Learn About Road Safety

This week Pre – School have been learning about road safety, looking closely at being safe in the car…

Hinckley – Babies Sticky Tape Play!

The Babies have been having a great time developing their fine motor skills and concentration by peeling…

Stourbridge – Pre-School 1 Making Potions!

Stourbridge Pre-school have been getting creative in the garden potion making!

Worcester – Pre-School Scientists!

This week in Worcester pre-school we have been focusing on the story Monstersaurus, which is all about…

Kings Norton – Walter’s Wonderful Web!

This week the Pre-toddlers theme has been the story ‘Walter’s Wonderful Web’ a story based around…

Kings Norton – Pre-School Learning About Chinese New Year

Pre-school have been learning all about and celebrating Chinese New Year.

Stourbridge – Babies Baking & Sensory Play

The babies have been baking and have really enjoyed exploring the ingredients used to make biscuits.