The whole nursery celebrated Diwali the festival light
The whole nursery celebrated Diwali last week, with lots of lights and colours adorning the nursery reception and rooms.
Pre-School 2:
During circle times, Pre-school Two watched a video of a family preparing for Diwali and why it is important in Hinduism. The children were shown different pictures of objects/decorations and food they use in Diwali and had a discussion about the similarities and differences they have seen in their own celebrations at home. One of our children shared how he celebrates Diwali at home with his family. As Diwali is the festival of light, the children enjoyed making their own Diya lamps out of clay using their fine motor skills. Once they were dried overnight, the children chose colours to decorate their Diya lamps, which we put on display in reception as wonderful Diwali decorations. The children also enjoyed developing their pencil control by creating their own Henna patterns on hand templates. In our quiet area, we set up a light box and fairy lights with pictures of how Diwali is celebrated for the children to investigate and explore.
Pre-school one:
Pre-school One created patterns on our hand pictures and talked about all the pretty colours and designs. We then made our own clay lamps using clay and decorated them using sequins, paint and glitter.
The babies created their own sparkly lanterns, spreading glue onto our colourful card and then rolling our lanterns through a tray of glitter!
The toddlers made and decorated Divas using bright paints and glitter, which we then lit carefully with tea lights! We have also been playing and telling the children the story of Diwali and creating lots of colourful paintings.
Understanding the world: 3 and 4 year olds will be learning to:
– Continue developing positive attitudes about the differences between people (discussing and recognising different religious festivals and their importance to people)
– Begin to make sense of their own life-story and family’s history (Sharing personal memories and traditions with others, and listening to the experiences of those who celebrate Diwali at home, and comparing how it is different or similar to festivals their own family celebrates).