Making our mark
We have been thinking about all the different surfaces on which we can make marks. The legs of an upturned table with cling film stretched between them made the perfect transparent canvas for our brightly coloured lines, shapes and patterns! We could look at our designs from both sides, and could see our friends on the other side too! The children moved their bodies into different positions to paint, and noticed the formation of drip patterns from top to bottom.
Ideas for home learning:
Painting using water onto fences, patios and pathways.
Mark making into flour – put flour into a baking tray or plate and use their fingers to make marks.
Using felt tip pens or paint on smooth or bumpy tin foil.
The most memorable days sometimes end with the dirtiest clothes.
Preschool 2 have been embracing the recent autumnal weather… Jumping in puddles, making patterns and prints in the mud and creating delicious mud pies, soups and cakes together in the mud kitchen! The children also gathered leaves, twigs, stones and feathers to add into their creations and enjoyed pouring, mixing and measuring the muddy water into different sized containers.
The children are becoming increasingly independent at putting on their own waterproof trousers, wellies and coats, and this is something you can encourage at home too whenever your child gets dressed.