The children love to explore everyday situations through role play
The Toddlers supermarket attracted a flurry of customers when they heard about the fantastic prices on fresh produce! The children demonstrated their amazing maths skills during their play, whilst sharing the resources and taking turns too!
Role playing everyday scenarios such as shopping is a firm favourite with the Toddlers at nursery, and helps to support their development in many ways:
Develops communication, language skills and self-confidence
Encourages children to act out and make sense of real-life situations
Facilitates exploration, investigation and experimentation
Develops social skills (turn taking/ sharing/collaboration)
Encourages children to express their ideas and feelings
Develops children’s awareness of themselves and others
Learning important skills through play (maths/ problem solving)
Sparks creativity and imagination
Adults can support role play by asking focused, open ended questions and joining in by taking on a role or dressing up!