Bromsgrove – Observing our stick insects

The toddlers are finding the stick insects fascinating

Bromsgrove – Animal Day

It’s been panda-monium at nursery today!

Bromsgrove – Mini beast discovery

The Pretoddlers explored the woodland area

Bromsgrove – Nature’s Kitchen

The Pretoddlers explored the woodland area

Hinckley – Watering the flowers

The babies have been helping to water our seedlings growing on our windowsill

Hinckley – Big Garden Bird Watch

Preschool have enjoyed taking part in the Big Garden Bird Watch at home

Stourbridge – Feeding our feathered friends

We’ve been enjoying the Big Schools Bird Watch

Worcester – Bird Watching

I Spy something beginning with… B!

Kings Norton – Fun in Preschool

The Kings Norton Preschool children have been very busy with construction, painting and exploring na…