Hinckley – Fun indoors and outdoors with the Toddlers

The Toddlers have been having great fun both indoors and outdoors

Hinckley – Promoting independence in the Toddler room

The Toddlers really love making choices and telling us what they would like to eat or do!

Stourbridge – Loose parts play

The possibilities are endless with loose parts play

Hinckley – Row row row your boat

The toddlers have enjoyed playing with the row row boat in the garden

Hinckley – Exploring the seasons in the toddler room

In the toddler room, we have been exploring the seasons

Stourbridge – Toddlers enjoy farmyard role play

The Stourbridge Toddlers have been busy exploring the farmyard role-play.

Bromsgrove – Using one handed tools

The Toddlers at Bromsgrove have been using one handed tools as their planned objective this week

Bromsgrove – Pizza making in the toddler room

The Toddlers at Bromsgrove have been very interested in their likes and dislikes, sharing their opinions…

Kings Norton – A busy week for the toddlers!

The toddlers at Kings Norton have been focusing on health and self-care, role play and expressive art…