The Bromsgrove Toddlers have been enjoying water play in the garden

Puddlesuits and wellies at the ready! The Toddlers have been exploring water in the garden. They got themselves dressed in puddlesuits and wellies, with a little adult support where needed, and splished, splashed and sploshed the morning away! They all enjoyed filling the water run with jugs and watch and listen to the water trickling away. The children also enjoyed filling the funnel with water and seeing the water loop around the tubes to the end. Water play isn’t complete without making some muddle puddles to jump up and down in!

EYFS links:

Moving & handling, 22-36 months: Shows control in holding and using jugs to pour, hammers, books and mark-making tools.

Health & self-care, 22-36 months: Helps with clothing, e.g. puts on hat, unzips zipper on jacket, takes off unbuttoned shirt; Beginning to be independent in self-care, but still often needs adult support.

Shape, space and measure, 16-26 months: Enjoys filling and emptying containers.