Kings Norton – Pretoddlers challenge their physical skills

Pre – Toddlers have been enjoying the nice sunny weather in the garden, challenging their physical…

Kings Norton – Preschool Science week

Over the past two weeks Pre-school have been focusing on Science and colour

Gloucester – Sensory play in the Baby room

We have been focusing on sensory activities

Kings Norton – Babies explore sensory balls

The babies at Kings Norton have been exploring how to roll the sensory balls

Worcester – Preschool Travel Agents

They created their very own travel agents

Hinckley – Growing our own beanstalk

The children have been looking after the beans that they have grown themselves from seeds.

Worcester – New Toddler room launch 29th July

Everyone at Shooting Stars Worcester is very excited for the launch of the new Toddler 1 room on 29th…

Stourbridge – Pre-toddlers explore sound

In the Pre-toddler room we have been observing the sounds we hear whilst we are out in the garden

Stourbridge – Mud stick printing in Preschool 1

In Pre-school one during our outdoor play we collected resources from around the garden.

Hinckley – Preschool 1 make pizzas!

The children in preschool 1 had a go at making their own pizzas.