Hinckley – Changing Seasons

Preschool 2 are talking about how the seasons change and have noticed that Autumn is on its way.

Wolverhampton – Greeting Our Friends

We are really enjoying the new way of greeting our Preschool friends.

Wolverhampton – Lets Make Music!

Preschool have been exploring the sounds of musical instruments and how we can play them.

Hinckley – Shoe Fitting Fun!

The toddlers had an exciting visit from one of our kind parents this week, all had a great time getting…

Hinckley – Pre School Imaginative Play

Imaginations have been flowing in the Hinckley pre school with loose parts play

Hinckley – National Allotment Day

The pre school children have been enjoying National Allotment Day.

Gloucester – Toddlers Focus on Vehicles and Occupations

Over the next couple of weeks, the Toddlers are focussing on ‘vehicles and occupations’.

Kings Norton – Strawberry Flapjacks, Yummy!

The babies had a fantastic time helping to create strawberry flapjacks

Kings Norton – Toddlers Get Creative & Explore Art

The toddlers have been very inquisitive, exploring all different types of creative materials and met…

Kings Norton – Pre-Toddlers Story Time

The children in Pre-Toddler room have been enjoying fairy tales including ‘The Elves and The Shoemak…