Wolverhampton – Lockdown potatoes for lunch

The lockdown potatoes at Wolverhampton have finally grown!

Hinckley – Busy babies in the garden

The babies have been very busy in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and lots of different activities

Gloucester – Frozen animal rescue

The Gloucester toddlers have enjoyed exploring the weather this week, especially ice!

Kings Norton – Sensory exploration in the baby room

The Kings Norton babies have been enjoying sensory exploration.

Hinckley – Paint puddles

The toddlers have been explored mark making outside

Stourbridge – Toddlers explore outdoors with natural resources

The Toddlers at Stourbridge loved exploring natural resources outdoors today!

Gloucester – This porridge is just right!

The Pretoddlers at Gloucester have been enjoying a Goldilocks theme this week

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Gloucester – Babies Sensory Fun!

Today the Babies have had loads of sensory fun exploring shaving gel, mixed with glitter and snowfla…