The toddlers have been explored mark making outside
As the weather has been a mixed bag recently, the toddlers have been learning about the sun and sun safety but also about rain and puddles!
One of our toddler ‘bubbles’ at Hinckley has enjoyed creating their own paint puddles on a giant piece of foil. The children explored the paint by making different marks across the foil and some of the children even painted the bottom of their Wellington boots to make colourful footprints and splashes in the paint!
Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Making Relationships: 30-50 months
• Can play in a group, extending and elaborating play ideas
Physical development: Moving & Handling: 22-36 months
• Squats with steadiness to rest or play with object on the ground, and rises to feet without using hands.
• Shows control in holding and using jugs to pour, hammers, books and mark-making tools.
Physical development: Moving & Handling: 30-50 months
• Draws lines and circles using gross motor movements.
• Uses one-handed tools and equipment,