The Kings Norton babies have been enjoying sensory exploration.
The Kings Norton babies have been enjoying sensory exploration.
Fresh mint leaves, lemons and limes were introduced into the water tray to create new textures and scents.
The children were encouraged to smell, feel and squash the citrus fruits and leaves. Of course the babies wanted to try tasting and licking them too and they pulled some interesting faces when they realised how sour the lemons and limes were! The staff used single words to describe the different sensory aspects of the items as they explored them, such as smooth, bumpy, green and yellow, and used different sounds to describe the taste, such as “Mmm” and “sour”.

EYFS Links

Personal, social and emotional development: Making relationships: 8-20 months

• Interacts with others and explores new situations when supported by familiar person.

• Shows interest in the activities of others and responds differently to children and adults, e.g. may be more interested in watching children than adults or may pay more attention when children talk to them.

Communication & Language: Listening & attention: 8-20 months

• Has a strong exploratory impulse.

• Concentrates intently on an object or activity of own choosing for short periods.

Physical development: Moving & Handling: 0-11 months/8-20 months

• Explores objects with mouth, often picking up an object and holding it to the mouth.

• Sits unsupported on the floor