Roar! Quack! Woof!
Equipped with our magnifying glasses, we went on a bug hunt in the rain. The children had lots of fun being bug detectives and counted all 8 bugs that they found in order. They shouted “we found them” and “its a lady bird, look!”
We took the small world animals for a swim and a wash in the water tray
Using blocks, logs and natural materials that we found in the garden, we created “houses” for our animals
Back inside, we painted pictures of our favourite animals and did our very best impressions of the noises they make. Roar! Quack! Moo!

EYFS Links

Communication and language: Understanding: Understands use of objects (magnifying glass) – 30-50 months

Mathematics: Number: Recites numbers to 10 in order – 30-50 months

Mathematics: Shape, space and measure: Shows interest in shape by sustained construction activity or by talking about shapes or arrangements – 30-50 months

Understanding the world: The World: Can talk about some of the things they have observed such as plants, animals, natural and found objects – 30-50 months