Hinckley – Autumn fun in the baby room

The babies have been exploring autumn through a variety of sensory activities

Kings Norton – curious containers!

The Kings Norton babies have been exploring their natural curiosity

Kings Norton – Fun in Preschool

The Kings Norton Preschool children have been very busy with construction, painting and exploring na…

Kings Norton – Pretoddlers explore autumn

The Kings Norton Pretoddlers have enjoyed exploring autumn and making new friends

Kings Norton – Den building in the garden

The Kings Norton babies enjoyed den building in the baby area of the garden

Kings Norton – Messy fun in the Toddler room

The Kings Norton Toddlers have been enjoying muddy and messy activities this week!

Kings Norton – Pretoddlers enjoy nature

The Kings Norton Pretoddlers have been exploring nature in the lovely weather this week

Kings Norton – Babies enjoy sensory food play

Kings Norton Pre-Toddlers have enjoyed looking at their family photos using the peek-a-boo board.