The babies have been exploring autumn through a variety of sensory activities
The babies have been exploring the sights, smells and textures of autumn.
We have been collaging with crispy leaves and sticks, scooping up oats mixed with cinnamon using our hands and spoons, making marks in yellow and orange sand using our fingers and sticks. And by far our favourite part was exploring cocoa powder in the tray – the yummy smell of chocolate!
EYFS links: (8-20 months)
– Listening & attention: Has a strong exploratory impulse; Concentrates intently on an object or activity of own choosing
for short periods.
– Moving & handling: Picks up small objects between thumb and fingers; Enjoys the sensory experience of making marks in damp sand, paste or paint.
– Exploring using media & materials: Explores and experiments with a range of media through sensory exploration, and using whole body.
– Moving & handling (16-26 months): Makes connections between movements and marks