Our youngest Shooting Stars enjoy messy, sensory play and bringing their favourite stories to life
The children in the baby room have enjoyed a variety of experiences this week:
– The babies settled down with Saffy to explore the Gruffalo story, with Gruffalo props to bring the story to life. Looking at the pictures, the babies pointed to the different animals and body parts of the Gruffalo as well as on ourselves, “nose”, “knees”, “teeth!”! The babies attempted to repeat the names of the animals “mouse” “fox” “snake” “owl”! They then explored the deep, dark wood by mark making in the cocoa powder with sticks and pine cones.
– Messy, sensory play is our favourite. The babies have enjoyed splashing and washing their cars with cloths in a bubbly car wash, and making their own lilac lavender-scented playdough. The children loved feeling the different sensations of water, fluffy bubbles, soft flour and gooey playdough and squirting paint straight into the bowl with a splat! We encouraged the children to smell the lavender which released a beautiful fragrance when squashed into the dough with a rolling pin.
EYFS links:
8-20 months
Making relationships: Interacts with others and explores new situations when supported by familiar person.
Self-confidence and self-awareness: Enjoys finding own nose, eyes or tummy as part of naming games.
Listening and attention: Has a strong exploratory impulse.
Understanding: Responds to the different things said when in a familiar context with a special person (e.g. ‘Where’s Mummy?’, ‘Where’s your nose?’).
Speaking: Uses single words/enjoys babbling/Uses pointing with eye gaze to make requests, and to share an interest/ Uses sounds in play (eg animal noises)