The Kings Norton babies enjoyed den building in the baby area of the garden

The babies enjoyed den building in their special area of the garden last week.  They played with the sensory toys, shared books and had lots of cuddles in the cosy area. The babies watched how the material blew in the wind as they snuggled into the cushions.

EYFS links:

Making relationships: Uses a familiar adult as a secure base from which to explore independently in new environments, e.g. ventures away to play and interact with others, but returns for a cuddle or reassurance if becomes anxious: 16-26 months

Self-confidence: Explores new toys and environments, but ‘checks in’ regularly with familiar adult as and when needed: 16-26 months

The world: Explores objects by linking together different approaches:shaking, hitting, looking, feeling, tasting, mouthing, pulling, turning and poking: 16-26 months