We have celebrated Diwali in the Baby room this week.

We have celebrated Diwali in Baby room this week.

Using our hands and sometimes holding brushes we made marks in the colourful glitter paint, read Diwali books and stories all together and looked at all the pretty pictures of the festival! The children also explored the colourful flowers in the water tray, watching how they float and exploring how they can be swished around.

EYFS Links

Expressive Arts & Design: Exploring and using media and materials – Explores a range of media through whole body exploration, 8-20 Months.

Physical Development: Moving and Handling – Reaches out for, touches and begins to hold objects, Birth-11 Months.

Communication and Language: Listening and attention – Listens to, distinguishes and responds to intonations and sounds of voices, Birth – 11 Months.