Bromsgrove Babies have been exploring sensory bags.

Bromsgrove Babies have been exploring sensory bags on the floor.

The Babies love to be able to touch all different types of textures and are often attracted to anything sparkly or coloured. So to enable them to safely explore, we filled bags with a range of sensory focussed materials; shaving foam, glitter in water, water and oil, porridge oats, dry cereal, paint and much more! The younger babies lay on their front and stretched out their hands to explore the bags, whilst some of the older children were able to sit up and use both their hands and feet to poke and prod, discovering what each bag felt like.

EYFS Links

Expressive Arts & Design: Exploring and using media and materials  РExplores a range of media through whole body exploration, 8-20 Months.

Physical Development: Moving and Handling – Reaches out for, touches and begins to hold objects, Birth-11 Months.