Last week for Children

Last week for Children’s Gardening Week, Pre-school have been doing some planting outside. Pre-school had already started to grow a sunflower which they had been very carefully looking after and they now think that it is big enough to plant outside. Pre-school also decided that they wanted to plant some herbs in the garden so they have been creating their own herb garden.
They talked about each herb and all of their different smells and then they put on their gardening gloves and used the gardening tools to dig holes for each herb in our planter. The staff and children worked together to plant each herb, it was hard work as the soil was really tough so they had to break up some hard pieces of soil. Once everything was planted, they talked about about what plants need to live and grow. Some of the children knew that plants need water to grow and so helped to water the plants with the watering cans. Everyone agreed that because it’s warm, the plants will need watering every day.

EYFS links:
Communication and Language:
– Listening and Attention: 30-50 months: Is able to follow directions
– Speaking: 30-50 months: Extends vocabulary, especially by grouping and naming, exploring the meaning and sounds of new words

Physical Development: Moving and handling: 40-60 months
– Uses simple tools to effect changes to materials
– Handles tools, objects, construction and malleable materials safely and with increasing control.
– Shows a preference for a dominant hand.

Understanding the World: The World: 30-50 months
– Shows care and concern for living things and the environment