The Bromsgrove Babies have been mark making this week

The babies have been expressing their creativity by mark making in the tuff spot. At this young age, the children are developing their palmar grasp and our special egg shaped chalks support them to make marks in a way that feels natural to them.  The babies also experienced some messy play painting this week, and for some of the children this was their first experience of painting. One of the babies was a little unsure to start with, due to the new texture of the paint but the staff demonstrated and encouraged him to use his hands to make some simple marks. He really enjoyed it, and started hitting his hands up and down on the table and watching and giggling when the paint splattered!

This week the babies have also been focusing on shape, space and measure, doing a variety of activities to develop their skills and understanding. For example, the babies have been using the stacking rings – taking the wooden rings off the stick and attempting to replace them. The staff supported the babies by showing them how to do it, and the babies watched closely before attempting to do it themselves.