Our new cosy basket is the perfect spot for sharing and exploring a story

Our learning objective this week was ‘Expresses self through physical actions and sounds’ and ‘Beginning to make believe by pretending’. Choosing different stories and songs to help us to encourage the children to use their imagination and think big. Today we read the owl babies story, we made a bird’s nest within the tray by collecting sticks, bark and leaves from the garden. The children explored the tray and took interest within the story too, they engaged well alongside their friends and helped Jackie to read the story following role play. We all collected leaves, sticks and feathers from the garden to create a nest. The children explored the tray, offering ‘food’ for the owls to ‘munch’ and ‘chomp’, and making snoring noises when the owls were sleeping. The staff scaffolded this activity and encouraged the children’s speech throughout, asking open ended questions.