We have introduced ‘Risky Play’ into our Pre-School Room.  Igniting the childrens

We have been enjoying ‘Risky Play’ in our Pre-School Room.

Igniting the childrens’ curiosity and investigative skills, we took an old microwave apart using real tools to explore what was inside and to encourage the children to question how things work and why things happen. Risky play is also a fantastic way for the children to enjoy independence and feel trusted within a supervised environment.

Before we started, we spoke about the importance of safety when handling the real tools, how the electrics have to be completely disconnected before we touch them and how we should only do all of this with adult permission and supervision. The children were very sensible, and listened carefully so we knew we were ready to start the exciting activity.

Whilst using our investigative skills, we noticed that one of the pipes was burnt with a small hole in it and we thought that this may be the reason why the microwave had stopped working. We also found the light bulb hidden inside the small metal box, and we also discovered it was magnetic.

Watch this space for many more risky adventures from our Pre-Schoolers.  Young scientists in the making!

EYFS Links

Physical Development: Moving and Handling 40-60+ Months – “Handles tools, objects, construction and malleable materials safely and with increasing control”

Understanding The World- The World 30-50 Months – “Talk about why things happen and how things work”

Expressive Art and Design: Exploring and using Media and Materials 30-50 Months – “Realises tools can be used for a purpose”