Today the Toddlers made their very own ice cream shop at nursery

The children helped to make the playdough ice cream in their favourite flavours including chocolate, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, vanilla and blueberry.

Some of the staff and children pretended to be the shop keepers by taking money and giving change, while other children pretended to be customers, choosing what flavours they would like to buy. The children then sat down together, talking to each other about what ice creams they have before changing roles to give everyone a turn.

Personal, social and emotional development; Self-confidence and self-awareness: 22-36 months: Expresses own preferences and interests.

Understanding the world; People and communities; 22-36 months: In pretend play, imitates everyday actions

Expressive arts and design: Being imaginative: 22-36 months: Beginning to make-believe by pretending.