The pretoddlers rolled up their sleeves ready for some baking
Our Pretoddlers are very independent and love doing things for themselves, especially when the end result is a yummy treat! The pretoddlers enjoyed baking yesterday.
Children can benefit in many ways when baking including following instructions, measuring/weighing ingredients, learning new vocabulary, seeing science in action (heating, melting, mixing), promoting sharing, sensory enjoyment and building coordination! The children washed their hands and rolled up their sleeves ready to really get involved with their baking activity.
Shape space and measure (22-36 months); Begins to use the language of size.
Mathematics; number (22-36 months); Begins to make comparisons between quantities; Uses some language of quantities, such as ‘more’ and ‘a lot’
Moving & handling (22-36 months); Shows control in holding and using jugs to pour, hammers, books and mark-making tools.