The Babies have really enjoyed all the winter wonderland activities.

Winter Wonderland.

The Babies have enjoyed doing lots of wonderful winter activities! We put the penguins in the flour and glitter, the babies made them stomp and used their fingers to feel the flour and make lots of different marks and they even now recognise and have tried to say the word, “Penguin!”.

They then enjoyed our winter ice cube play with paint and glitter, feeling the cold ice cubes, they were very slippery! The ice cubes melted after lots of play, making the paint mix together, it was very messy!

EYFS Links

Communication and Language: Understanding, 8-20 months – Understanding of single words in context is developing, e.g. ‘cup’, ‘milk’, ‘daddy’.

Communication and Language: Speaking, 8-20 months – Frequently imitates words and sounds

Physical Development: Moving and Handling, 8-20 months -Enjoys the sensory experience of making marks in damp sand, paste or paint.