We have been bringing different books to life in the Baby room all week to celebrate World Book Day!

The Babies have been looking at different books all week to celebrate World Book Day.

First we looked at “Oh dear” through a tray of different materials and farm animals to make a farm. The babies enjoyed making them stomp and pointing to the different animals, they also enjoyed lifting the flaps whilst reading the story! We then got out the Gruffalo story sack, we put the characters with pine cones in our small world area whilst we sat and read the book. They really enjoyed holding the characters too!

For world book day we had a “Goldilocks and the three bears” themed day! It was great fun getting messy in the porridge, using wooden spoons to mix it and putting it in bowls and then sitting down to read the story with all the props too!


EYFS Links

8-20 months-C&L- Listening and attention- concentrates on activity for a short period of time, strong exploratory impulses.

8-20months-C&L- Understanding- Uses pointing gesture.

16-26 months- PSED- Self confidence and awareness- Beginning to engage in pretend play.