The babies have been very busy getting messy and developing their fine motor skills
Last week the babies also enjoyed painting to pop music! Using their hands and feet, they spread the paint all over the paper, feeling the texture and mixing the colours together. We really enjoyed having a boogie whilst painting and we loved getting messy!
The babies have also been very busy developing their fine motor skills. We have been trying to thread pipe cleaners through the small holes of a colander which takes a lot of concentration and control! We enjoyed peeling the sticky masking tape off the baking trays, using our finger and thumb and also using the white board pens to draw and make different marks all over the shiny foil!

8-20months Communication & Language: listening and attention – moves whole bodies to sounds they enjoy, such as music or a regular beat

8-20months Physical Development: moving and handling – enjoys the sensory experience of making marks in damp sand, paste or paint

8-20-Physical Development -Moving and handling – Picks up object between finger and thumb

16-26-Communication & Language – Understanding- Understands simple sentences

16-26-Physical Development – Moving and Handling- makes connections between movements and marks they make